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6.2 has added some great little pets. 


So far I have just finished getting all 4 of the new battle pets from the 15 Tanaan Legendary Pet Battlers, with a Periwinkle Calf dropping late last night. Had plenty of Pet Charms for a omplete stock purchase from the new vendor, so those guys are in the collection as well. All of these new pets are also at 25 and blue (like the rest of the little buggers!).


Probably waiting for prices to drop to grab the raid pet, and just waiting patiently for the other quests/missions/reputation pets to come my way.


Must pull finger out to get to level 20 in Heroes - currently on 14 and finding it hard to find the time to grind that out for Graves.

Posted: July 10, 2015 3:30:03 AM

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