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I got all my pets from Nat Pagle fishing.  For whatever blizzard dev came up with this mechanic and in honor of my crow pet I named Draven.  I present Thirty hours of pain (from fishing) all at once, all for you.


Next, I spent my charms getting some pets leveled to do the Celestial dailies, as I missed those.  Only to find out that I could have bought all 4 pets with the charms I spent.  Back to charm farming.


Luckily, the new pets in Tanaan drop charms.  And apparently only charms for me.  96 fel touched bags:


3 stones

0 pets


I need a bear hug to cheer me up.  *Hugs Bearsy and Robearto.*

Posted: June 30, 2015 10:55:20 AM

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