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Desired List:

new RWT3 pets

Upcoming holidays - new pets

Viscous Horror - ToT Prim: NH (not LFR)

RaF:  golden pig, silver pig


Pygmy Cow - Inn on priest alt (IP n2lvl)


Sky Fry - Sha'tari Defense Rep

Land Shark - Nat Pagle 50 coins - still working enormous fish IP



Deathwatch Hatchling - WoD CM achieve

Stunted Direhorn (PvP Pet Battling Achieve - 160/250 on hold, burnt out)

old CEs/cons/other games: bunch I don't have, many too pricey


Most recently aquired:

Bananas (AH find)

Abyssius - thanks Volshebnick

couple others on RWT3 I farmed

Leftovers - wow good ah find

Mech Frostboar - Thanks Neferankh

Lovebird - Thanks Zahneel

Mech Scorpid - Thanks Snazzyjack

Posted: March 05, 2015 11:50:53 AM

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My team to beat Jeremy: XT with his backline damage and self-healing, swap in a leveller when he dies, then fel flame allows a third pet purely for leveling purposes. Best to use a leveling pet in the teens that can survive a hit or two. Occasionally the monkey will stun-lock my fel flame and I'll have to heal and restart but most of the time works great. The monkey usually dies on the first hit by my fel flame.

Posted: March 07, 2014 10:42:46 AM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: +1
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