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Re: Deathy
I had purchased the online broadcast. Am I supposed to have my Deathy yet? I know it said 6-8 weeks, but I am wondering if other people who did the online broadcast got him yet.
Posted: November 27, 2010 10:06:54 PM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: -1
Very cool pet. He was a great for my Troll DK, Udeadmon when I leveled him in OL. He does a very good job of keeping up with a 150% flying mount.
Posted: August 27, 2010 9:01:04 AM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: -1
To me this pet is a bit double-edged for me. While he is a great-looking pet, has good animations, and gave me the final push I needed to purchase an authenticator, he is also overly-noisy. He makes his ghostly, barking noise every few seconds, and this can become a bit annoying if you are not currently basking in the glory of this cool pet. In closing, if you don't have an authenticator, get one. It provides great security which helps make up for the name being based on your email.
Posted: August 27, 2010 8:58:37 AM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: 0
-This is probably the most eye-catching pet around (even more so than that tawdry Celestial Charger). Farming him on easy as an 80 war tank is easy, but time consuming. Still need to get him on my tank or maybe on my 69 pvp mage (can 69's run MGT?)
Posted: May 28, 2010 12:55:06 AM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: -2
A surprisingly rare pet, this guy is hard to spot since he is one of the smallest pets around, I think second only to the strand crawler. I've never played a tauren, but he looks great with my female troll shaman, Shamazon, because of the size difference and of course any pet looks great with a gnome. He is one of my favorites, and there is a RFK quest where you can summon about 4 big ones all at once, which are leveled to you, oddly. If you are level 80 these marmots have 1000's of hp.
Posted: May 28, 2010 12:52:16 AM   |   Edits: 1   |   Rating: -1
It's a lot of materials, but he is still generally inexpensive if you can farm any of the mats. He is taller than a gnome and has the added bonus of being a mecha.
Posted: May 28, 2010 12:48:22 AM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: 0
Unfortunately, I have never seen this thing in-game. I've seen every other pet, except this one. If someone on Undermine has it and wants to show it off to me on Undermine, I'll stroke your ego with, "ooh, I'm so jealous!" and give him a pet biscuit (unless if I am out of the snacks at the time :x )
Posted: May 28, 2010 12:45:21 AM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: +1
Lil XT has probably caused the most rage of any cosmetic pet to date. The day he appeared people already hated him. Regardless, I'm fond of the little guy, since any mecha pet is pretty much cool.
Excelent to super-size him, then baby-spice (shrink) yourself at the same time. Especially if you are a gnome.

"Blizzard, please make some way to get the bisquits in-game! The biscuits will eventually run out on ebay!"
Posted: May 28, 2010 12:39:31 AM   |   Edits: 1   |   Rating: +3
An extremely vicious little guy. Probably the most fearsome looking pet around. My friend is addicted to this pet and always asks for my whelps from my eggs. I have to say, at least he has good taste.
Posted: April 20, 2010 12:04:30 PM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: -3
Whenever I first saw that they were having a squire pet, I was hoping that it would be possible to get a female dranei kid instead of the ugly human kid. Anyways, this is a good pet because of its customability and potential use with the horse, but I would have preffered Dornaa 2.0. I also know that many horde would love having the option of getting a female belf kid. But I guess that irl, squires were all male, but whatever.
Posted: April 20, 2010 9:48:02 AM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: -3
A great pet imo. I like using a pet bisquet on him to make him taller than my gnome warrior then saying, "a Panderan Monk has joined the fight!" Almost makes running CoS terrible, lol.
Posted: April 20, 2010 9:41:38 AM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: +1
A cool pet for mages, warlocks, or anyone. He is rare and has an eye-catching color. Many people complain about how long it takes to get this pet, but he wouldn't be worth much if he was easy to get. Also, in the recent trend of WoW, there are tons of easy to get pets that you can get instantly with gold in game, or with RL money if you have enough to spare. You can get this pet on your twinks if you so desire.
Posted: March 30, 2010 2:11:55 PM   |   Edits: 2   |   Rating: 0
This is a great pet since it is a mid-step between having the original bot and the mountain dew one (which has the big fuel tanks that I don't care for) even though these types of pets aren't my favorite kind, I do appreciate that they allow players to expand their collection with a non-exclusive bot. I've been waiting for a new pet that takes at least some time to obtain, since most of the pets we've seen lately cost RL$/gold. The perky pug can be collected just from doing the normal routine.
Posted: March 23, 2010 6:11:57 PM   |   Edits: 1   |   Rating: 0
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