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Status Update (1)

I was finally able to level a trio of bandicoons to take down Okrut Dragonwaste.

Major Payne was much easier.  I think my team was Grinder, Darkmoon Turtle, and .... Sunreaver? 

First while farming ghost iron ore for the combines for both Living Steel and Jard's to make Pierre, Rascalbot, and Sky Golem, I came across a Zandalari Warbringer that very nicely gave me his Amber Direhorn!

Also, Dungeon runs have been good to me this week.

I got the Blue Drake on Monday the 26th, and the Azure Drake today!

So then I went a little nuts (being close to 150) and picked up one of the 100-seal Argent Tournament mounts, and due to being a packrat had my tailor make the last two flying carpets I needed, easily pushing me over 150.

Posted: January 27, 2015 8:52:18 PM

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