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Cocoon Strike

Abilities by Family Flying Cocoon Strike
Cocoon Strike
3 Round Cooldown

100% Hit Chance 


Deals 197 Flying damage and increases your chance to block an attack by 100%.


Lasts 1 round.

Vs. Aquatic

Vs. Dragonkin


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Used By:
Amber Moth

Pet Battle: [24-25] Dread Wastes; [24-25] Townlong Steppes

Ashwing Moth

Pet Battle: [25] Timeless Isle

Blue Moth [Blue Moth Egg]

Vendor: Sixx

Zone: The Exodar

Cost: 50silver (unlimited supply)

Firefly [Captured Firefly]

Drop: Bogflare Needler [62]

Zone: Zangarmarsh

Approximate Drop Rate: 1 in 1,500

Flamering Moth

Pet Battle: [25] Timeless Isle

Forest Moth

Pet Battle: [1-2] Teldrassil; [1-3] Darnassus; [4-6] Ashenvale; [7-9] Desolace; [15-16] Moonglade; [22-23] Mount Hyjal

Fungal Moth

Pet Battle: [22-23] Deepholm

Garden Moth

Pet Battle: [23-25] The Jade Forest

Grassland Hopper

Pet Battle: [24-25] Townlong Steppes

Grey Moth

Pet Battle: [1-2] Azuremyst Isle; [1-3] The Exodar

Imperial Moth [Imperial Moth]

Profession: Tailoring [550]

Taught By: Tailoring Trainers

Luyu Moth

Pet Battle: [23-25] Krasarang Wilds

Mei Li Sparkler

Pet Battle: [23-25] Krasarang Wilds

Oasis Moth

Pet Battle: [23-24] Uldum

Red Moth [Red Moth Egg]

Vendor: Dealer Rashaad

Zone: Netherstorm

Cost: 10gold (unlimited supply)

Shrine Fly

Pet Battle: [23-25] The Jade Forest

Silky Moth

Pet Battle: [15-16] Un'Goro Crater; [15-16] Moonglade; [22-23] Mount Hyjal

Singing Cricket [Singing Cricket Cage]

Achievement: Pro Pet Mob

Category: Pet Battles

Skywisp Moth

Pet Battle: [25] Timeless Isle

Swamp Moth

Pet Battle: [14-15] Swamp of Sorrows

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